Hi, my name is Frank Wesley, I am a 37 year educator with Elementary and Special Education Certifications along with a Masters Degree in Instruction Technology. I am also an internet enthusiast as well as a self proclaimed entrepreneur. I am most importantly a father of three wonderful children, husband, and “BigDaddy” to six beautiful grandchildren.

I am a firm believer that if you consciously try to maintain a positive attitude, enjoy the moment, and give your best at whatever you choose to do – you’ll find that you can take on most of life’s challenges and find personal happiness and success.

Since you’re here, one of those challenges may your attempts at establishing a productive website. Very simply said, I am now doing exactly that and you too can do the same.

However, it doesn’t just automatically happen no matter what you may have read in any one of the hundreds of emails you probably get each day …

However, before you get discouraged, I do have some good news for you … The problem is NOT you. The problem is the constant influx of ridiculous information that impedes your ability to focus and educate yourself on what actually works.

You’re trying to do too many things at one time. Overloaded with information.

And, that doesn’t mean you need to invest crazy amounts of money and time to get good results either … how about working smarter and not harder? Mental focus is a powerful thing. Invest in education … specifically educating yourself. Education is the key to success.

The BEST suggestion I can give to you is to utilize the information available on this educational site and stay committed.

To Your Success,
Frank Wesley