Can you teach me how can I make money online?

Can you teach me how can I make money online?
April 9, 2017 No Comments Entrepreneurship,Quora Content Frank Wesley

My answer to Can you teach me how can I make money online?

Answer by Frank Wesley:

So do you really want to learn how to make money online? Follow what the truly successful folks are doing. Do that in more ways than one. You’ll understand that completely once you read this entire article and I mean the complete piece.

seoWe all know that habits can either help or hurt your success in life. Bad habits can fester and grow into a lifestyle that takes you away from the things you want to do and good habits can help you create a life that’s full of action and accomplishment.

Now, while we can all study successful habits, it’s meaningless if we don’t implement that knowledge. So here are five (5) daily habits of highly successful people, habits you can work on to create the life you truly want to live. Once you start applying these (5) habits, follow my suggestions in the rest of this article;

  1. Successful people plan out their day the night before.
  2. Successful people read books to get inspired.
  3. Successful people make their health a priority.
  4. Successful people don’t get distracted by what other people are doing.
  5. Successful people live each day as if it were the last.

Now that you have the foundation necessary to be successful, act on your desire to make money online and read on …..

If you are serious about building a sustainable, legitimate, long-term business online, you need guidance. I’ve been down this road. What you don’t want to do is try to re-create the wheel.

In other words, what you should do is copy what is already working, a good blueprint. Do what the winners are already doing. It only makes good sense and it is what works.

You need a blueprint to follow, one that is currently working. You can see examples of exactly what you need by visiting my sites found in my profile.

Most people never make so much as a dollar online because they never take action towards building a proper business online. If you want to get a head start on establishing a real income, be sure to follow my suggestions.

Part of achieving success online is establishing a responsive list of subscribers.

By far the easiest way to start building a list is to setup a squeeze page and send traffic to it…but if you’re really serious about building a stable, profitable Internet business, you need to go one step further:

Sell your own products to your list.

A lot of people hesitate at the idea of creating their own products but these are the steps to follow. There are a lot of different parts that go into creating a product:

– Writing the ebook
– Creating the videos
– Designing the sales pages
– Writing the sales copy
– Making sure it all links up properly
– Uploading it all properly
– Testing the payment links properly

So it’s pretty obvious why most people never get around to creating their own products. But seriously, this is what it takes …

… you can get others to do all the work for you. That process is called outsourcing and yes, that can be done.

However, if you want to start selling your own products without doing any of the actual work, if you want to do more than just make a few dollars here and there, if you are really serious about building a stable, profitable Internet business then you should seriously think about what I’ve stated.

>>> Free Blueprint

Take action because, honestly, only action takers make it.

Can you teach me how can I make money online?

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