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WP Super Cache Made Easy: A Step-By-Step Guide to Speeding Up Your Site
Entrepreneurship,WordPress Frank Wesley

You want your website’s visitors to have the best experience possible, right? Well, then you better not keep them waiting. Slow-loading pages are one of the biggest frustrations people experience online. In fact, having slow page loads can affect everything from how many people view your site and where you rank in Google to how(…)

How to Write a Paragraph in 2017 (Yes, the Rules Have Changed)
Beginners,Entrepreneurship,Writing Frank Wesley

You want people to read your content, right? That’s why you wrote it in the first place. But getting people to read your content in today’s world of speedy news, food, and pleasure is a challenge. You’re not just competing with other writers, but with everything online — cat videos, Kardashian gossip, Game of Thrones,(…)

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Making Money in Your Underwear
Entrepreneurship,Money Jon Morrow

That’s the dream, right? No dragging your butt out of bed at an ungodly hour, sitting in traffic, being stuck inside an office all day, and slaving away your life for a measly paycheck. Instead, wake up whenever you feel like it, saunter over to the laptop in your skivvies, and sip a cup of(…)

7 Ironclad Reasons to Podcast (Even If You Hate the Sound of Your Own Voice)
Content Marketing,Entrepreneurship Sonia Thompson

Look, I get it… You hate the sound of your own voice. You’re unfamiliar with the tech. And you feel much more comfortable typing than you do talking into a mic. So you may feel hesitant to start your own podcast. Maybe you even feel intimidated by the prospect. But you should do it anyway.(…)

26 Crazy Stories about “OMG!” Opportunities that Blogging Made Happen
Entrepreneurship,Motivation Frank Wesley

Will it all be worth it? You can’t help wondering sometimes. Every spare minute, you’re glued to your computer, reading, writing, doing all you can to grow your blog and build your audience — all on the shaky promise that someday your efforts will pay off. But sometimes, that someday feels far out of reach.(…)

How to Write a Bio that Convinces Readers You’re Their Personal Superhero
Entrepreneurship,Writing Frank Wesley

Writing a bio is hard. You have to knock ’em dead with two or three dazzling sentences that show you’re a likable, credible, and accomplished expert. When readers read your bio, they must believe you’re the answer to their prayers — the superhero they’ve been waiting for, that will swoop in and solve that big(…)

This Is How 10 Bloggers in Different Niches Make $1 Million+ per Year
Authority,Entrepreneurship,Money Frank Wesley

Do you ever have doubts? You’re building your blog, hoping to one day turn it into a full-time income, but you have no guarantees it will ever pay off. What if this blog you created is doomed to fail? What if you’re wasting your time? What if you’re fooling yourself thinking this will ever lead(…)

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How to Write Faster: 10 Crafty Ways to Hit 1,000 Words Per Hour
Entrepreneurship,Tools,Writing Frank Wesley

Yesssss! The schedule gods have given you a break, and you have a rare hour to actually sit down and write. You could produce an entire blog post! An article! Maybe even a short book chapter! Your research is all done, so all you need to do now is write. You apply ass to seat,(…)

Ignored Your Blog for Months? 13 Tips for Getting It Back on Track
Engagement,Entrepreneurship,Motivation Frank Wesley

Come on, fess up! You’ve done the unthinkable. You’ve let your beloved blog wither in the shadows of neglect. Once a thriving haven of ideas and wisdom for your adoring readers, your blog is now just a wasteland of stale posts. You’re bugged by the numbing guilt that you’ve let yourself down, and even worse,(…)

31 Insanely Useful Resources for Writing a Bestselling Book in 2017
Entrepreneurship,Resources,Writing Frank Wesley

You’d love to learn how to write a bestselling book, right? Problem is, it’s scary. You’re not even sure what goes into writing a book, let alone a bestselling one. The good news? Below you’ll find 31 fantastic resources to help you write a bestselling book. (If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by how many(…)