Facebook Marketing Video Course

InstructorFrank Wesley
TypeOnline Course
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Facebook Marketing Video Course provides you with …
~ A clear understanding of Facebook advertising
~ A necessary comparison between Facebook and Google Adwords advertising
~ An understanding of different types of Ads
~ What you need to create a Facebook page
~ How to create Facebook Ads
~ The understanding of how to test, tweak, and measure your ads
~ Tips for effective Facebook Ads

Section 1Module 1
Lecture 1Facebook Introduction
Lecture 2Advertising in Facebook
Lecture 3Facebook Advertising Vs Google Adwords
Lecture 4Types Of Ads
Section 2Module 2
Lecture 5Creating a Facebook Page
Lecture 6Creating a Facebook Ad - Part 1
Lecture 7Creating a Facebook Ad - Part 2
Section 3Module 3
Lecture 8Testing, Tweaking and Measuring Your Ad
Lecture 9Top Tips for Effective Facebook Ads
Lecture 10Summary
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