How can one make $4,000/month sitting at home in 6 weeks of time?

How can one make $4,000/month sitting at home in 6 weeks of time?
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My answer to How can one make $4,000/month sitting at home in 6 weeks of time?

Answer by Frank Wesley:

You can make money online sitting at home in your best undergarments …… There are numerous ways to generate an income online but there isn’t a single best method because everybody is different. Be sure to read this entire article and pay close attention.

What works for you might not work for somebody else. This is why it is important to find something you enjoy doing and finding something that delivers results.

To properly illustrate and demonstrate the effectiveness of impressing ideas that earn you money quickly will require your full and undivided attention.

This is all about proven and tested moneymaking methods that actually work.

I have personally tested many methods throughout my years working online. I have failed many times – in fact more times than I can count. However, my failures have taught me what it takes to be successful and a lot about myself in the process.

Affiliate Marketing and Marketing One’s Own Products

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest and tested strategies to make money online especially if you are on a tight budget. As an affiliate, you sell someone else’s product or services and are paid a commission on every sale that you make. If the program is not a physical product, you might get paid per lead, download, or even per click.

This is not to be confused with Network Marketing or MLM. The infamous pyramid scheme model that has really set the trend and speed for all of these other types of businesses to make it work and last.

However, it is said that Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more started the affiliate model almost twenty years ago. Today the affiliate marketing industry is a massive multi-billion dollar business model that reaches just about every country on the globe.

Making money as an affiliate

The process for making money with affiliate marketing is simple. All you have to do is simply sign up for an affiliate program and drive traffic through your affiliate link. When someone clicks on your special affiliate link a cookie is placed on their computer. If the purchase buys, downloads, or enters in the form, you receive a commission. Sounds really simply doesn’t it?

Hold on a second…

The affiliate world is incredibly competitive so it is more important now than ever to add value to your advertisements, which takes time, creativity, and money.

It is essential that you mimic and evaluate what other successful affiliates are doing well when promoting the same offers as you. Do what is working well already, copy and follow their blueprint.

If you are serious about building a sustainable, legitimate, long-term business online, you need guidance. Believe me, I’ve been down this road. What you don’t want to do is try to re-create the wheel.

In other words, what you should do is copy what is already working, a good blueprint. Do what the winners are already doing. It only makes good sense and it is what works.

You need a blueprint to follow, one that is currently working. You can get free, yes free, instant access to exactly what you need right here >>> Free Blueprint.

This is an extremely powerful free audio training that you will need to help you start building a respectable online business and this information will take your earnings to the level you’re hoping to achieve but only, and I mean only, if you really pay attention to it all and take action on it!

Most people never make so much as a dollar online because they never take action towards building a proper business online. If you want to get a head start on establishing a real income, be sure to take action ….

Part of achieving success online is establishing a responsive list of subscribers.

By far the easiest way to start building a list is to setup a squeeze page and send traffic to it. That’s exactly the information I’ve provided through the link I’ve provided in this article.

It’s enough for you to get started getting people onto your list and promoting affiliate offers to your subscribers…

…but if you’re really serious about building a stable, profitable Internet business, you need to go one step further:

Sell your own products to your list.

Now a lot of people will hesitate with creating their own products but these are the steps to follow. There are a lot of different parts that go into creating a product:

– Writing the ebook
– Creating the videos
– Designing the sales pages
– Writing the sales copy
– Making sure it all links up properly
– Uploading it all properly
– Testing the payment links properly

So it’s pretty obvious why most people never get around to creating their own products. But seriously, this is what it takes …

… you can get others to do all the work for you. That process is called outsourcing and yes, that can be done.

However, if you want to start selling your own products without doing any of the actual work, if you want to do more than just make a few dollars here and there, if you are really serious about building a stable, profitable Internet business then you should check out the link I’ve provided.

Take action because, honestly, only action takers make it.

About traffic, traffic is, or not, the easiest aspect to affiliate marketing. There is almost an unlimited amount of traffic on the Internet. It’s very easy to buy thousands of visitors to your landing page. However, if your landing page isn’t properly designed or written, you could end up losing a large amount of money.

It is essential that you do whatever is necessary to motivate visitors to click your affiliate link. If you can’t do this, you won’t be able to make any money in affiliate marketing.

If paid traffic is not in your interest, you can also decide whether to leverage organic traffic from search engine optimization, or SEO. Organic traffic is great and can convert much better than paid traffic but it doesn’t have its’ downsides.

Organic traffic is not easily scalable and requires you to rely on search engines to favorably view your website. Paid traffic also allows you more flexibility to alter sales copy, graphics, Call to Actions (CTAs), etc.

On the other hand, SEO is a great way to drive some free traffic to your lander to compliment paid campaigns. Writing is key in SEO though because search engines desire websites with excellent content that visitors find valuable.

A lot of people get into SEO simply because they do not have the capital to start paid advertising. However, it should be noted that SEO is still going to cost some capital and in today’s world, it’s much harder than it used to be.

It’s also much more competitive than it used to be. However, there are millions of niches out there that are unexplored so finding a small, less competitive niche can net easy riches for beginners.

Again, you need a blueprint to follow, one that is currently working. You can get free, yes free, instant access to exactly what you need right here >>> Free Blueprint.

How can one make $4,000/month sitting at home in 6 weeks of time?

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