Video Marketing Is The Key To Your Success

Video Marketing Is The Key To Your Success
October 4, 2018 No Comments Education Frank Wesley

Video marketing is key to your success.

There are two things that are important for your success online.

video marketing1. Creating great unique content
2. Backing that up with a video

They really go hand in hand. Check out these video marketing rules, this will help also.

I am here to help you learn how to properly engage with online video marketing so you see success sooner than later, some basic principles of marketing.

I’ve got a news flash for you, my friend. Videos make people money!

For starters, they’re engaging. People love to see motion, hear sounds, and basically have their senses engaged.

This creates an absolutely phenomenal opportunity for us marketers.

If we’re able to captivate an audience, either with our own natural charisma and expertise… or utilizing somebody else’s production skills, then we can make ourselves an absolute fortune online. And it gets even better…

If you don’t feel like being on camera, or hiring someone else to do it… there are still plenty of powerful options for you.

You can create Powerpoint-style presentations, over-the-shoulder screen capture videos, or even awesome animated videos.

Animated videos are actually an excellent way to go with video marketing because they’re quick and easy to make (with the right software in tow), they’re incredibly fun and engaging, and you can knock out loads of these visually-stunning videos in short order.

Another HUGE Benefit of Marketing With Videos: – There’s actually a lot of opportunity for additional monetization when you become a video marketer.

You can earn advertising revenues for your YouTube videos, in addition to any list building, affiliate marketing, or direct product selling you happen to be going for.

The more videos you can put online, the more views you will get and the more money you will make, regardless if anyone buys anything from you or not. That’s gravy, baby!

video marketingJust imagine putting up something like 100 quick n’ easy animated videos on your YouTube channel and earning 50 cents to a dollar a day in ad revenues from each video. Imagine
doing that with 200-300 videos. One effort… years of income. Boo-ya!

And this leads us to perhaps the BIGGEST benefit of video marketing…

Videos rank extremely well in the search engines! I mean think about it… let’s take the last 10 Google searches you did.

I’m sure you can’t remember them specifically, but just visualize the results. Lots of videos in those top spots, right?

I’d say that over half (so 5 or more of those 10 searches) likely displayed a video result or two in the top few overall search results… and very often, the #1 spot will be a video! Am I wrong?

So this is something that you should very seriously consider getting into. No question.

The good news is that it’s easier today than it’s ever been. Software programs have made it easier than ever.

YouTube has made it easier than ever. And there is some great training out there that makes it even easier still.

So jump in and engage.

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