Writing Exercises That Will Boost Your Writing Skills

Writing Exercises That Will Boost Your Writing Skills
September 28, 2018 No Comments Education,Writing Frank Wesley

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Want your content to knock out the competition? Use writing exercises and it will?

Fact is, writing incredibly good content is not as easy as you might think right?

You would love to write like a champ but in reality, you write like a chump. (sorry)

But don’t throw in the towel just yet. You may not write like a champ right now but you can if you work your skills.

Now, with the use of your favorite internet-enabled device, we’ll get started.

How to Become a Blogging Contender

Exercise your writing skills.

Creative writing exercises can make a huge difference for anyone.

If you want to be physically fit, you work out and it’s the same for writing.

Writing improves with good, consistent work habits.

The key however is to use the right exercises and do them daily.

Take 15-30 minutes every day to train specific skills. Do this daily even when you think you have a skill mastered.

That’s how you want to approach the writing exercises below.

When you do them for the first time, you might find it difficult. You’ll notice a difference after a while. Just keep at it.

That’s how physical exercise works. It’s the same with writing exercises.

Techniques That Will Make You Feel Confident

Most beginning writers write scared. They don’t let go, they are afraid to let loose.

If you want your writing to connect you must train yourself to let go and write with straight up honesty.

It’s not easy to let it rip but doing so is how you will connect with your readers.

The exercises below will help you to become that fearless writer.

#1: Tell Your Close Friends Why They Are Jerks

I’m sure you love your friends as we all should but the fact is sometimes they are really jerks.

Write a letter to each of your friends telling them what annoys the heck out of you. Don’t hold back, remember let er rip.

You certainly will not send it. This letter is just an exercise.

After your friends, do the same for other folks in your life.

#2: Challenge The First Person Who Broke Your Loving Heart

Remember that first heart break? Write to that person and let out all the pain and sorrow they caused you at that time.

Let the emotion flow and pour out your feelings.

#3: Remember Your Most Painful Experiences

Think about the experience in your past that caused you much sadness or pain. The ones that were the most painful.

Write a detailed description of these event and don’t hold back. Let everything flow. Be honest and just go for it.

Do this to the point of shedding tears on your laptop.

#4: Reveal That Deep Dark Secret

Write about a secret that you’ve kept locked away out of embarrassment — something about yourself that nobody knows and that you don’t want anybody to know. Now’s the time to unleash the beast.

Remember, whatever you write is for your eyes only, and once you’re done, you can tear it up right away.

#5: Write About What Worries You The Most

Write about the one thing that you worry about constantly that may happen to you or your loved ones? Or, write about that one nasty nightmare that you’ve had.

Whatever it is, write about it. Get it all on the page and face your monsters.

#6: Write About Your Most Embarrassing Moment

Remember that one most embarrassing moment you had? The one that made you feel so inferior you could have died on the spot?

Put it down in writing. Remember details and express it all. Don’t hold back even a little bit.

#7: Imitate Successful Writers

Yes, imitate the style of successful writers that you enjoy.

When developing your own style, you can get a tremendous amount of help by imitating the style of an author you admire.

Just try to do as they do. Don’t reinvent the wheel. If it works for them it will work for you.

#8: Do Not Ramble

Content that rambles on is not only difficult to read but quite frankly, it doesn’t interest most people these days.

Attention spans are short and readers frequently don’t have a lot of time.

Keep sentences short, keep the point, and use white space in between sentences.

Use some good adjectives bot do not over do it.

#9: Write About Your Life In 500 Words

Write your life story but do it in about 500 words. Remember, attention spans are short. Keep this in mind while writing.

Keep it to the point, in proper sequence of events, without fluff or nonsense.

This exercise will keep you focused while forcing you to stick to writing about the most significant events.

#10: Write About One Very Interesting Date You’ve Had

Give details about what you did, how you date looked, and even things you talked about.

With this exercise, feel free to use descriptive adjectives to get your point across.

Don’t over do it but get a tad creative.

#11: Write About A Most Memorable School Experience

This experience can come from any level of schooling. Doesn’t matter, just recall the situation and write about it in a compelling, attention keeping style.

One or your most vivid memorys of school? Describe all the specific details while keeping the interest of the reader.

#12: Write About A Sports Experience That Rocked Your World

Write a description of of a great sports occurrence that you witnessed or one that you were personally involved with.

Describe the experience as if you were reporting it to the world immediately after it happen. Be excited and thought provoking.

So by now I do believe your content can compete with the best.

Congratulations, if you have done even half of the suggestions I’ve given you your skills have improved tremendously. Keep in mind, writing exercises will do the same for you as physical exercises.

The more you do, the stronger you will get. So …. choose different exercises from this post and spend about 30 minutes every day for one month and you will be a different writer.

You will get to the point where you will be proud of what you write and you will be the accomplished author that you strived to be.


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